GLA is specifically designed to monitor the quality of the air you breathe in day and night. GLA will mainly monitor the concentration of carbon dioxide CO2 in the air, but will also react to some other gases. It is therefore a multi-sensor, especially well suited for checking if the air has good enough quality.

Carbon dioxide is produced by humans, animals, plants, fireplaces, gas ovens, candles and heaters. The
Norwegian working environment standard for carbon dioxide CO2 in the air has a threshold of 0.5%. A higher level could affect your performance, health and well-being.
GLA will alert with an alarm and red LED if the level of CO
2 exceeds this recommended limit.



Smoke can come from fireplaces, chimneys and fire.

GLA notifies carbon dioxide CO
2 already at 5000ppm. This corresponds to less than 25ppm of toxic carbon monoxide in smoke from open heaters and fire.


The limit for Norwegian working environment is 5000ppm CO2 and 25ppm CO to avoid reduced performance and health. GLA alerts when this limit is exceeded. This is long before the concentration is dangerous, although smoke can be experienced very uncomfortably at this concentration.

GLA is not
officially approved as a smoke detector. Some smoke detectors can detect lower concentrations of smoke than GLA.




Exhaust can come from motors and leaks in a diesel or gas heater, fridge, boiler, stove etc. Exhaust is especially dangerous when you are asleep.

Exhaust contains many times as much carbon dioxide CO
2 as carbon monoxide CO. A high level of carbon dioxide will cause unconsciousness before carbon monoxide causes poisoning. It therefore provides better safety for detecting exhaust with carbon dioxide.

GLA warns about carbon dioxide already at 5000ppm. This corresponds to 25ppm toxic carbon monoxide in exhaust from a diesel engine / heater. Less proportion of carbon monoxide
from open heat and fire.


The limit for Norwegian working environment is 5000ppm CO2 and 25ppm CO to avoid reduced performance and health. GLA alerts when this limit is exceeded. This is long before the concentration is dangerous, although exhaust can be experienced very uncomfortably at this concentration.



Anaesthetic gas has until recently been of the type chloroform and ether. Today, various odourless flurane type of gases are used. GLA is probably the only alarm on the market today that can warn of both old and newer types of anaesthetic gases. The alarm will alert well in advance of any impact.




Our new gas alarm GLA-D (Domestic) detects Household/Town gas, Biogas and Hydrogen.

House gas or town gas is distributed to houses down in Europe. The gas is usually (raw) natural gas or methane, which is lighter than air. House gas is normally used for heating, hot water and cooking in private homes. Biogas also mainly contains Methane.


In addition GLA-D detects also Hydrogen, witch is expected to become a very common fuel in the future.




GLA will detect all LPG fuel gases, such as propane and butane. These are heavier than air. A gas leak can come from a gas fireplace, grill, primus, stove and other appliances. GLA will give an alarm long before the concentration of gas is high enough to ignite.

NEVER use combustible gas concentration
s for testing, neither from lighter nor gas burner. Common gas alarms are not explosion proof (EX marked). They should notify when the gas concentration is about 1%. Testing with higher concentrations can cause malfunction and explosion.

GLA has a unique
easy and safe way to test the entire alarm without the use of flammable gas.



GLA is a gas leak alarm based on new Norwegian patent-protected technology. The technology enables the detection of several different types of gases with the same sensor. The sensor can therefore be tested in a unique simple and safe way with the use of breathing air (carbon dioxide). Self-testing is the most important security task. The new technology has a self-cleaning effect that allows up to 3 times the lifetime of other alarms (optical and chemical). The electronics are specially designed for ultra-low energy consumption. GLA is therefore able to operate for 15 years without any battery change, power, adapters or chargers. This saves the environment and provides a safe warning even in the event of a main power failure.

GLA is ideal for home, cabin, camping, boat, travels and other places without power and where wires are undesirable.


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    New Sensor Technology:


    Gas Leak Alarm:  GLA


    For Home, Cottage, Camping, Caravan, Boat

    For Travels and Residences with gas


     All gases in one alarm



GLA will warn you about fuel gases a long time before the gas can burn or explode. It also alerts you of both new and old anaesthetic gases before they affect you. GLA will detect smoke from fireplaces and leakage of toxic exhaust from heaters etc. It also monitors the condition of the air. Humans, animals, plants, fireplaces, stoves, candles and heat burn the oxygen in the air and produce carbon dioxide and carbon dioxide. The limit value for the working environment is only 0.5% CO2. Alarm occurs if this limit is exceeded. GLA ensures good air quality, health and safety over a long time, without installation and power supply.




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The newest version GLA-D